culinary diplomacy

Working in St. Petersburg, Russia with Native American ancestral foods from the Southwest was an opportunity to bridge a cultural gap. When we serve these foods to others, including chefs, diplomatic leaders, business professionals, culinary students, school children and educators, it helps to build stronger bonds between countries and offers an important setting to further vital diplomatic work.

35th U.S. Army Culinary Arts Competition, by U.S. Army Africa

In a politically polarized world, good food can bring us all to the same table.

Bringing Ethiopian food and traditions to the tables of South Los Angeles.

Tafoya is a personal chef who has been in the business for almost fourteen years. Right now, he is in Kathmandu for two weeks upon the invitation of US Embassy for their culinary diplomacy program. “I’m here to promote American culture by sharing my knowledge about American food,” said Tafoya. 

An exchange between the infinitely rich cultures of Cuba and Harlem is surely a marvelous idea. Afro-Cuban jazz was born in Harlem, the uptown neighborhood has been home to generations of immigrants from the Caribbean country and it shares a history with the island nation.

Turkey's Aegean coast is major travel destination thanks to its Blue Flag beaches and resorts but tourism officials agree that more attractions are needed. A new gastronomy project introducing Greek cuisine with modern interpretations to tourists is expected to drive tourism further

The Philippine Consulate General in Toronto capped its month-long commemoration of the 118th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Philippine Independence this year with a series of events focused on food in the context of Philippine culture. These events were aimed at boosting the growing interest in Toronto, known for its gastronomic diversity, on the tastes and flavors of Philippine cuisine.