culinary diplomacy

The Philippine Consulate General in Toronto capped its month-long commemoration of the 118th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Philippine Independence this year with a series of events focused on food in the context of Philippine culture. These events were aimed at boosting the growing interest in Toronto, known for its gastronomic diversity, on the tastes and flavors of Philippine cuisine.  

Burundians in France gathered this weekend to mark the 55th anniversary of their Independence. Celebrations were marked by traditional songs and dances, together with culinary delights from back home.

Headlines had a decidedly foodie-focus in this PD News roundup. 

Working in conjunction with the Charlottesville Sister Cities Commission, Tavola has hosted chef Roberta Vivetta Cintelli as part of a cultural exchange program between the sister cities, Tavola and Cintelli’s Ristorante il Falcone. [...] After a week of sightseeing, eating at local restaurants and working (and teaching) at Tavola, Saturday’s event featured a collaboration of dishes created by the two chefs.

Even while rustling up investments worth billions for India, PM Narendra Modi constantly looks like he's having fun. Instead of the formal press meetings and handshaking that typified our previous PMs, this one is ensuring he's having a good time, and casually changing the rule book of how diplomacy is conducted.

Inspired by his mother's involvement in a Jewish-Muslim women's cooking circle, the idea morphed into what became the inaugural Multicultural Cook-Off. [...] Gorr described the event as "culinary diplomacy", a characterisation which Ms Kapalos agreed with. 

October 22, 2015

Elaine Mahon, a doctoral student at the Dublin Institute of Technology, has published a new article. Her piece, "'Ireland on a Plate’: Curating the 2011 State Banquet for Queen Elizabeth II," appeared in Volume 18, Issue 4 of the M/C Journal of Media and Culture. The piece, which is part of a larger research project into Irish gastronomy and gastrodiplomacy, explores the notion of “diplomatic dining” at the 2011 state banquet.

He plans to practice “culinary diplomacy” while navigating the variety of customers Sodexo has to serve, including lawmakers, staffers and tourists.“Johanna Mendelson Forman, she has a whole class at American University, she started at [Johns] Hopkins, about conflict cuisine, of how food can unite folks who culturally may be different,” Fimbres said, explaining his philosophy toward food.