culinary diplomacy

This is Conflict Café, a month-long pop-up restaurant that uses food as a vehicle for dialogue on conflict and peace building. Organized by London-based peace building charity International Alert, each week of the pop-up brings a new chef and cuisine from the many regions in which the organization works. 

Communication is the common foundation for all relationships – and food is the foundation upon which families, communities and lives are built. In this engaging presentation, Riolo will share simple steps to better cross cultural communication and relations through food and dining. 

Kass’s theory was that if American chefs could travel to different countries—particularly those with which America has strained relationships—they could use food to humanize Americans, providing an alternative glimpse into American culture than what they were seeing in the news.

July 26, 2015

While culinary border crossing bestows pleasure on the plate, it also often spreads virtue. Globalization, the two-edged sword that disseminates Big Macs, makes widely available the “bright flavors from the Mediterranean to Southeast Asia to Latin America,” wrote Greg Drescher of the Culinary Institute of America in a 2013 CNN Eatocracy blog post. 

June 12, 2015

People are strangely fascinated by what other people eat, and even more so when that other person is the head of state. While there is nothing overt about White House state dinner menus, India's External Affair Ministry have always remained taciturn on what was served at the high table, up until recently.

SAN FRANCISCO—For Sam Chapple-Sokol, a chef who has spent time working at the White House, food is the missing ingredient in international relations. The Daily Signal connected with the food connoisseur in San Francisco’s Mission District, where he explained the concept of “culinary diplomacy,” a term he coined.

At age 21, Cris Comerford dropped out of college in the Philippines to move to the United States with her family. A decade later, she was hired by then-White House Executive Chef Walter Scheib III, and a decade after that, she herself was appointed executive chef by first lady Laura Bush.

Paul Nirens believes food can serve a larger purpose than only satisfying appetites. His Galileat venture aims to bring together the parts of Israeli society that normally don't mix.