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I have also come to observe Egyptian public diplomacy efforts in South Sudan - and they are quite feeble. An Egyptian clinic, staffed by Egyptian doctors recognized for their skills, is essentially it. While a good step, it is insufficient to win the hearts and minds of our new upstream neighbors, who often view Egypt through the prism of its close relationship to Khartoum.

The University’s 2007 Honors Colloquium, China Rising, and the establishment of a Confucius Institute at URI, one of only 20 Confucius Institutes in the U.S. and one of only 156 in the world at that time, boosted interest in Chinese language learning. An annual URI Moon Festival and other activities draw appreciative crowds.

By contrast, American universities abroad educate their audiences, conveying lasting values beyond the catchy but transient phrases put forth by this or that administration in fitful attempts at public diplomacy. American universities abroad do not propagandize but rather impart what is most valuable about American achievements.

The Mandarin classes fall under the umbrella of the Chinese government's Confucius Institutes, through its Office of Chinese Language Council International, located in Beijing.There are currently more than 100 Confucius Institutes in colleges around the U.S., including one at The Community College of Denver, the college through which Battle Mountain is running its program, Qualman said.

India and New Zealand have decided to establish a joint education council to carry forward the education cooperation between the two countries. Both the countries have already signed an Education Exchange Programme during Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal's visit to New Zealand.

In its quest for resources and business opportunities, China needs to have influence in many countries. Increasingly, Beijing uses a sophisticated charm offensive, presenting an image of a modern and dynamic China — a strategy often called "soft power."

Entering into a pact with Hebei Normal Uniersity of Science and Technology is part of Xavier's efforts to establish a Confucius Institute to promote the teaching of Chinese language and culture. There are about 300 such organizations, including 87 in the United States.

CPD research fellow Caitlin Byrne (2010-2012) has been published, with co-author Rebecca Hall, by the Clingendael Institute for a piece discussing Australia's international education programs as potential arenas for enhancing soft power.