education diplomacy

The Chinese are savvy. They have a strategy to capture highly educated human capital from us. This strategy is in their interest--but certainly not in ours. The problem is that the U.S. isn't counteracting the Chinese effort with one of its own.

Some scholars say China's Tsinghua University, which is marking its 100th anniversary, will be in the global Top 10 universities within a generation. But the political constraints imposed by a one-party state pose a significant challenge.

India is seeking the help of young parliamentarians from Africa to increase the outreach of a unique private-public partnership to increase collaboration between the youth in India and the world, especially from the continent.

Study abroad is one thing, a degree abroad another. The movement is nascent, but it is possible to earn a degree from an American university without setting foot in the United States, or by flitting among campuses.

April 15, 2011

The world is a perilous place. Just look at Northeastern University’s study-abroad record this past year: starting last April, the university was forced to suspend programs and evacuate students after State Department travel advisories in Thailand...

Branches of Taiwan Academy, an institute promoting Taiwanese culture and Mandarin Chinese, are set to open in Los Angeles and Houston once the U.S. gives the green light.

How ironic that in a time of rapidly increasing connectivity around the globe, we are still so far from understanding other cultures, especially those that observe religions and traditions different from our own.

In a $20m (£12m) remake of the classic American children's programme, the setting for the show has moved from the streets of New York to a lively village in Pakistan with a roadside tea and snacks stall, known as a dhaba...