education diplomacy

...over 120 Chinese students took part in a special educational exchange with local government and community leaders and European students in the famous port city of Antwerp, Belgium to commemorate EU Youth Week and the "EU-China Year of Youth".

This feeling of mutually beneficial strategic cooperation rather than exploitation is the result of longstanding Chinese educational and investment projects in Africa.

Barclays Premier League side Liverpool Football Club from England will establish an international academy and soccer schools in Indonesia this June to aid the country’s sports development, claiming it would not only groom young Indonesian players but also give them a shot at the world stage.

Taiwan has a plan to compete with China in the international cultural propaganda stakes: by opening “Taiwan Academies” that will teach the Chinese language with a strong focus on traditional characters and culture.

The State Department will be expanding the joint educational programs between the United States Government and the South African Department of Higher Education and link community colleges across the United States with Further Education and Training centers in South Africa.

Southern California has the largest Vietnamese population outside of Vietnam, concentrated primarily in Orange, Riverside and Los Angeles Counties; so it’s a natural partner with this burgeoning Southeast Asian country in a number of areas. Why not start with traffic?

On May 03, 2011 the world’s first Jewish social platform, JewishNet, was launched. According to the project creators, its uniqueness is in providing users with a platform to develop their own ideas and fulfil their potential even beyond the virtual world. The platform covers three basic areas: socialization, education and public diplomacy.

In ancient Rome, even slaves, once freed, could rise to become senators. Not so in today’s United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.), where hundreds of thousands of migrant workers are locked into a permanent underclass.