education diplomacy

Today, the first lady Michelle Obama will speak about the initiative to increase the number of American students studying abroad in China. It is specifically designed to train students and the next generation of professionals on how to orchestrate and communicate in U.S.-China relations in the future decades.

Three medical students from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) University have returned to the Emirates after being granted a research scholarship to work in leading research laboratories in the United Kingdom (UK) as part of the British Council Research Scholarship Programme.

The Indus Training and Research Institute (ITARI) announced a collaboration with Keele University (KU) of UK to launch a professional teachers’ training diploma programme in international education, at a press meet held in Pune recently.

President Ma Ying-jeou says that he hopes to make Taiwan into an Asia-Pacific education hub. Ma was speaking at a forum organized by Commonwealth magazine in Taiwan. The president spoke about how Taiwan's higher education can become a major industry.

Dr.Sulaiman Al Jassim Vice President of Zayed University announced yesterday several new initiatives which will be implemented within the work of Zayed's Diplomatic Academy, including organizing 5 new executive seminars for diplomats from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Nuclear Diplomacy, Refugees: A Practical and Legal Approach, Weak States, International Negotiation and Humanitarian Interventions.

Mr. Wood, a 25-year-old graduate of Stanford University in California, and students like him have gravitated toward the modern Japanese arts, feeling they may help them advance their careers in animation, design, computer graphics and the business of promoting them.

When Qatar was awarded the World Cup for 2022 it was viewed derisively in many Western capitals. Who was this small nation? Where was this country? Why Qatar? Even US President Barack Obama claimed afterwards, "The wrong decision was made."

Having taught students at university, Poland’s Ambassador to Malaysia Prof Dr Adam W. Jelonek’s will now focus on “academic diplomacy.” ...Visits from top university officials from Poland are already in the pipeline and a bilateral agreement on higher education is due to be signed next year.