Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday confirmed that his country had launched an aid campaign to help four East African countries currently hit by an acute drought. According to Erdogan, Turkey’s effort was aimed at helping Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Somalia and Yemen, all of who are "at risk of suffering a major humanitarian crisis." "We cannot afford to turn a blind eye to requests for help from those countries where the drought-related hunger has reached critical levels," he said in a tweet.

In terms of people to people exchange programmes, Ethiopia is one of the largest from Africa in terms of getting Chinese government scholarships. More than 4,000 Ethiopians have been offered such scholarships in China over the past ten years, he noted.

Ethiopia and Sudan enjoy a well established historical relationship that dates back to the civilizations of Axum and Meroe states. This historic relation exhibits age-old political, economic, social and cultural bond that resulted in bolstering the dynamic relations. This relation is one of the several strong bilateral relations Ethiopia has been cultivating diligently with the neighboring nations over years.

Bringing Ethiopian food and traditions to the tables of South Los Angeles.

The tide is turning for Ethiopia’s tourism industry, as the Ethiopian Ministry of Culture and Tourism recently announced it plan to triple the number of foreign visitors, to more than 2.5 million, by 2020, with an ultimate goal of making Ethiopia one of Africa’s top five tourist destinations [by 2020 says a journalist from Daily Mail.

The scholarship winners would pursue their high learning education in the top Chinese universities [...] Handing out credentials to the winners at a ceremony held on the premises of the embassy yesterday Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia La Yifan said that over the year the Chinese government has granted 236 scholarship to Ethiopian students.

Ethiopia’s untapped tourism potential is shifting the gear to new initiative to increase number of visitors with its brand new promotion logo “Land of Origin.” The government emphasizes on the need for a tourism sector which is both environmentally friendly and economically viable to generate sustainable revenue supporting the country mission to become middle income country in the coming decade.

Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn urged the Ethiopian Tourism Transformation Council (ETTC) to utilize resources of the country and make the nation one of the best tourist destinations in the world.