The local government, though, is keen to promote Jeju’s other charms, from its lava caves to its beaches to its seafood, as it spearheads South Korea’s campaign to transform itself into a major tourist destination. “Visit Korea” is a two-year, government-sponsored promotion currently under way to push another side of the country...

What do Israel and Syria have in common? Not much, but both have ministries of hasbara. No such thing exists in the West. No such thing exists in democracies.

The "National Industrial Image," which consists of one country's exporting companies, exporting commodities, their qualities and after-sales services, should never be neglected in the name of chasing the "National Image."

At the close of a week heavy with international change, natural and political trauma, as the American nation awaited news about its economy and its President’s second term candidacy, Richard Goldstone, retired South African justice, former U.N. International Criminal Tribunal prosecutor...

Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak has warned that the country could face a “diplomatic tsunami” later this year. He was referring to an effort by the Palestinians to win recognition from the United Nations as an independent state.

Israel has allowed its enemies to frame the public debate by failing to be forthcoming or cooperative enough with outside observers, an expert on Public Diplomacy said Monday.

How countries are adapting foreign policy strategies and public diplomacy resources in today's globalized environment.