... Filipinos must exercise public diplomacy which would help show “that there’s a bully in the neighborhood who is misbehaving.” A boycott of China-made products, voicing opinions, making speeches and talking in local and international forums about the ongoing issue are components of public diplomacy intended to hit where China will hurt the most...

Gates... spoke of NATO turning into a “two-tiered alliance” where the very few... take on the “hard power” combat assignments. Meanwhile, a majority limits itself to “soft power” work such as delivering humanitarian and development aid and, at most, to participating in peacekeeping missions.

Australia's image and influence in the world depends on the quality of its international strategic thinking, foreign policy making and actions. The dumbing down of democracy is having a detrimental impact on the quality of Australia's foreign policies.

The invitation, sent from an official Tel Aviv University email account, invites recipients who may be interested... to attend a meeting about a new Israeli student initiative... “which aspires to act for the good of the branding and public diplomacy of Israel on university campuses abroad, which are strongholds of anti-Israeli actions.”

Japan is a nation built on contradictions and juxtapositions, a place you'll find modern skyscrapers next to ancient temples, or Shinto couples being wed in Christian-style ceremonies. And for the record, here's another example: Cool Japan and Isolated Japan.

When the Polish politicians and the media began harassing Lithuania with growing poignancy and without a more reasonable ground, the representatives of our country, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), should have contacted Lucas, explained the Lithuanian position...

Britons have a "lot to look forward to" next year following the successful "dry run" of the royal wedding in London, David Cameron said. The Prime Minister said both the London Olympics and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012 would be a "fantastic opportunity" to "show all faces of Britain, both modern and traditional".

It would be the biggest boon to Romanian tourism since Dracula. The impoverished Transylvanian village Viscri has made a surprise appearance on the media's short list of possible honeymoon destinations for Britain's Prince William and his bride, Kate Middleton.