international development

Japan should expand its use of overseas development assistance by targeting new regions and projects and consider funding noncombat operations led by foreign military forces, a panel said Thursday in a report to Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida. If the recommendations are accepted in the upcoming review of the ODA charter, it would reverse Japan’s long-held principle of not funding foreign armed forces.

The Scottish Development International (SDI), the trade and investment arm of the Scottish Government, announced the launch of its campaign ‘Scotland Welcomes the World’, in collaboration with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) in Mumbai. 

In her essay on the different types of public diplomacy, American university professor R.S. Zaharna identified policy networking strategy and coalition building as third-tier relationship-building initiatives (Snow and Taylor, 2008).

Not just development, but protecting those who are most disadvantaged among the poor. Australia announced on Monday that it will be the first country to appoint a new Ambassador for Disability-Inclusive Development, as part of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and International Development Minister Melissa Parke’s efforts to boost efforts for “people with disability in developing countries to have access to the same opportunities as others and an equal say in the decisions that affect their communities.”