international development

The China Railway Construction Corporation's eye-popping $12 billion deal to build an 870-mile railroad in Nigeria is the biggest single overseas contract in Chinese history and will boost the country's manufacturing sector just as its overall economy shows some signs of slowing. 

Director of the Azerbaijan International Development Agency (AIDA) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Ashraf Shikhaliyev has joined the UN delegation to visit Chad.

India and the U.S. Nov. 17 decided to boost cooperation in the field of higher education including exploring possible American assistance in setting up a new IIT campus.

The United States plans to invest an estimated $50 million in public-private partnerships to support young entrepreneurs in Morocco, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday.

International development is dying; people just don't buy it anymore. The West has been engaged in the project for more than six decades now, but the number of poor people in the world is growing, not shrinking, and inequality between rich and poor continues to widen instead of narrow. 

Islamic State has been seizing foreign aid destined for the neediest Syrians to redistribute under its black flag—the latest tactic in the extremist group’s quest for power.

Hospitals of Hope follows other operations in which Israel has sent aid to disaster-struck regions. In the present case, as in the past, Israel is calling upon its vast experience in the area of field medicine to aid another country in need.

The role of the private sector in economic development is not in doubt. As a critical stakeholder in every economy, the private sector acts as a provider of income, jobs, goods, and services to enhance people’s lives and help them escape poverty.