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Today, the EU has confirmed that it will support the wider region of the Horn of Africa with a total of €3 billion until 2020.

From China’s point of view, such a bank makes perfect sense.For the developing countries in Asia, it will be a new source of funding. For China, it will be a channel to strengthen soft power and enhance economic benefits. 

As donor darling Myanmar gets ready to hold general elections in late 2015, the United States is increasing its diplomatic presence in the former military state — with the U.S. Agency for International Development as one of the main arms.

James Pamment, Photo property of CPD

Research on the intersections between PD and international development and post-doctoral work at University of Texas, Austin and Oxford.

International Development Secretary Justine Greening says they have seen "an immense amount of progress" on the KerryTown field hospital, as she toured the site of the 92-bed treatment facility in Sierra Leone.

Nearly three in four Scots are in favour of links with Malawi and nearly half know someone who is involved in the connections between the nations, a new survey has found.

Although there is a burgeoning literature on South-South development cooperation, this scholarship has seldom considered the public diplomacy surrounding these initiatives. This project addressed this gap by analyzing the public diplomacy channels, practices, and discourses of an emerging South-South cooperation provider in Africa: Brazil.

In harnessing the benefits of global tourism, the international community will take “critical” steps forward in advancing the United Nations’ sustainable development goals and post-2015 development agenda, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today.