international development

Recognizing that the private sector is adopting an increasingly higher profile in global development efforts, European Union development ministers agreed Friday on an ambitious set of proposals to strengthen the role of the private sector in future EU-funded projects.

A survey of African stakeholders carried out in 40 African countries by the OECD for the African Economic Outlook 2011 found that emerging partners such as China were ranked as having a comparative advantage for cooperation in infrastructure, innovation, and even health compared with Africa’s traditional bilateral and multilateral partners.

People getting all bent out of shape by the idea of USAID funding Cuba’s underground hip-hop scene need to drink a rum and coke and relax, according to a figure at the center of the controversy.

Next year’s U.S. spending bill narrowly cleared the House of Representatives on Thursday night and will now head to the Senate, where it needs a unanimous vote to pass. Here’s a look at how foreign aid and development accounts would fare in fiscal year 2015 under the omnibus budget.

BRICS could emerge as a voice for an alternative world view and development model as there is a good scope to take the relationship forward, Rajiv Sikri, former secretary at India’s Ministry of External Affairs, told RT.

Greek shares suffered their worst hammering in nearly three decades Tuesday, on concerns the country is heading for a political crisis that could jeopardize its vital bailout program.

Uber, the San Francisco-based ride sharing company, has set up a mobile phone software development team in Amsterdam, its international headquarters.  Uber on Thursday announced that it raised another $1.2 billion in financing, which will allow it to make "substantial investments," especially in Asia.

The private sector and the international development community often seem to operate worlds apart: different drivers, different environments and different resources at their disposal.  But we often overlook the shared contexts and challenges of operating as organizations in a rapidly changing and increasingly interconnected world.