international development

An OECD report has commended Ireland’s aid programme in tackling hunger and poverty in the developing world. Minister of State Sean Sherlock explains why Irish Aid is so successful.  Ireland excels at delivering aid that is effective and reaches those who need it most, the OECD said this week in a major review of the Government’s overseas aid programme, Irish Aid.

In 2010, the European Union (EU) and Korea began a new era of engagement by establishing a strategic partnership, which intends to strengthen bilateral dialogue and cooperation in regional and global affairs. In this context, cooperation on international development appears to be a promising issue for the future agenda of the Korea- EU partnership.

Xi Jinping put forward requirements on expanding and broadening the agenda of China's diplomatic strategy under new conditions.  "We should manage well relations with other major countries, build a sound and stable framework of major-country relations, and expand cooperation with other major developing countries," Xi said.


Finding solutions to global development challenges is among trending topics this week in PD

Last semester, 10 students from this university had the opportunity to take a virtual, project-based course in international development and conflict management with 10 students from Tel Aviv University as part of the university’s new Global Classrooms Initiative.

The United Nations is undertaking a process to develop a set of sustainable development goals that will be used to target international development assistance during the post-Millennium Development Goal period of 2015–2030.

Finding local solutions to global development challenges is among the trending topics in international development. Donor agencies emphasize this to varying degrees, but all recognize that local ownership of development is a key ingredient for success.

As Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro grapples with chronic shortages of consumer goods and the world's highest inflation rate at 63 percent, he has turned to China for help.