Boots on the ground

A proposal for military action to aid refugees.

Muslim in Paris

PD tools the West needs to combat the Islamic State, Part 1.

The play attempts to show how violence, especially as a result of war, shapes those characters. Raffo, an Iraqi-American who grew up in Michigan, links the stories to Iraq’s history and political forces, with commentary from characters who range from a child indifferent to the debris of war littering her neighborhood to an aging political exile, comfortably commenting from afar. 

The Iraqi army launched 24-hour radio broadcasts targeting the population of the western Iraqi province of Anbar under Islamic State jihadist group control, local media reported Saturday.

The nuclear deal between Iran and the world powers is "an opening for further diplomatic endeavors" to resolve the conflicts in the Middle East, the German foreign minister said in Tehran Saturday.

Natasha Rastegari speaks to a family seeking refuge in Iraq. 

Reprinted from the CPD Blog by Javad Rad (Apr 20, 2015)

Reprinted from the CPD Blog by Rob Asghar (Apr 22, 2013)