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Pyongyang began exporting statues to Africa in the late 1960s, when a wave of independence movements created a new market of ideologically friendly leaders in search of grand symbols to bolster national identity and claims of political legitimacy. North Korea, looking to expand its diplomatic ties vis a vis rival Seoul, initially provided the works for free. It only started selling them from about 2000.

Mrs Helen Annan, the Chief Executive Officer of Brand Ghana, has underscored the need for the nation to intensify its branding efforts to enhance its competitiveness on the global arena. She said: “The process of branding our nation is now, and we call on everyone to be a brand ambassador in promoting our dear nation Ghana and support the Brand Ghana Office in its endeavour.”

Examples of nation branding from Delhi to Luxembourg were featured in this week's PD headlines.

The day-long interactive session was organised by the CDA on ‘National Identity in UAE’ at Al Rashidya Majlis on Oct.8 with a group of 25 female teachers from different Pakistani schools in the UAE. “Gatherings with different nationalities on national identities are being held for many years and from this year we decided to discuss and share the similarities of local cultures.

Snowglobes, by Jessica

Public diplomacy still has no definitive measure of country image. The 4-D Model could change that.

Education Ministry launching course to train students to advocate for Israel on online social networks • "Our 'young ambassadors' can be the future reservists of Israeli public diplomacy," Education Minister Naftali Bennett says.

January 10, 2016

The key question in assessing Europe’s power resources is whether the EU will retain enough cohesion to speak with a single voice on a wide range of international issues, or remain a limited grouping defined by its members’ different national identities, political cultures and foreign policies. The answer varies by issue. 

“The Baking Show” doesn’t just present a static, zombie image of an ideal Britain that can never exist. It defines the nation in a dynamic, living way. [...] For instance, it can provide the nation with its first genuine hijab-wearing celebrity — no small thing in a year where the dominant narrative throughout the West has been the increasing marginalization of Muslims from public life.