Politicians, senior managers and PR experts listened to dozens of leading speakers at the conference. The main aim – to discuss the future role of communications in promoting brands , exchanging of ideas, strengthening civil society and even saving your reputation!

Stefanie von Hlatky discussed Women, Peace and Security, NATO's crisis prevention and conflict management efforts and the role of Public Diplomacy.

Turkish public response to NATO can hardly be separated from unfavorable public opinion about the United States, since NATO has been largely led by the U.S. Therefore, the waning of American credibility has simultaneously affected Turkish public support for NATO. 

U.S. Soldiers with the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Air Defense Artillery Regiment talk after a routine inspection of a Patriot missile battery at a Turkish military base in Gaziantep, Turkey. U.S. and NATO Patriot missile batteries and personnel deployed to Turkey in support of NATO's commitment to defending Turkey's security during a period of regional instability.

Senem Cevik offers PD advice for a troubled relationship.

Sulaymaniyah Mosque, Istanbul Turkey

Senem Cevik offers suggestions on how Turkey can seize the PD moment.

European Union flags

Zhikica Zach Pagovski on NATO, EU, and ASEAN.

Two years after his election, President Hassan Rouhani of Iran is about to go down in history as a leader who defused an intense and bitter conflict that could have led to a military attack on Iran. A nuclear deal that the majority of Iranians hope will bring an end to the isolation of Iran, much needed relief from international sanctions, and a new chapter in U.S.-Iran relations is now in sight. If other enemy countries have faced each other on the battlefield and ultimately managed to work out their differences, why is it impossible for Iran and the United States to do the latter?