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On Wednesday, during a visit to Silicon Valley, Mr. Medvedev made it even easier to practice at least an amateur version of Kremlinology by opening two new Twitter accounts for the Kremlin — one in Russian and one in English — during a visit to the popular micro-blogging service’s corporate headquarters.

Looking for rare handicrafts and products that include a slice of Indian history? Started in June, could help serve your purpose. Launched by Sudip Dutta, 32, the portal is an online marketplace that gives handicraft lovers all over the world easy access to a unique collection of ancient, modern as well as contemporary Indian art.

Produced by the Israeli legal advocacy group Gisha, the "Safe Passage" game is offered in Arabic, Hebrew and English and combines animation, video, legal documents and an extensive blog. The first computer game of its kind in Israel, "Safe Passage" allows players to adopt one of three characters...

The state of war between Israel and Syria, begun in 1973, prevents their citizens from meeting in person, but recently they have started to come together online. is a new website that brings together Syrian and Israeli bloggers, journalists and academics to discuss the stalled peace process.

The stream of signals coming from Washington to Damascus has been steady for weeks. This month, three US Congressmen visited Syria, the last of whom, Brian Baird, carried the slogan of ‘science diplomacy'. currently leading the Science Diplomacy initiative in Congress, arguing that science transcends political differences and should be used to improve Syrian-US relations.

The agreement was signed between, the online version of Lianhe Zaobao, the leading Chinese daily in Singapore, and Shanda Literature Singapore(SDL), the leader of China's online literature. The literary site will allow Singaporean readers to have free access into Shanda's online Chinese literature.

Jared Cohen, who sits on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s policy planning staff, calls himself a technopragmatist. Technology is neither good nor bad, he said. “The technologies themselves don’t choose sides; people do.”

While newer technologies such as Twitter are capturing more headlines, the State Department still sees untapped diplomatic potential in the humble text message.