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We're back at that old game of winning the hearts and minds of people who want to kill us. Except the problem is becoming a homegrown one. Faisal Shahzad may have had any number of motivations to detonate a bomb in Times Square, but his intent was harming his fellow Americans.

Building respectful relationships with the Middle East continues to be important, and while cultural barriers and common misconceptions still exist, social media tools provide great opportunities to create and enhance respectful and long-lasting relationships.

An unusual online effort by NATO, the European Union, governments and research groups to ask a broader public for ideas on the future of Western security policy has produced a series of recommendations...

After he promised to "let loose" on Tuesday night, a Spanish-language tweet duly appeared on his new chavezcandanga account 14 minutes after midnight.

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso has announced that the European Commission will entrust three come up with recommendations on how best to speed up the digitisation, online accessibility and preservation of cultural works across Europe.

A new information portal launched Monday has been described as the world's first internet clearing house aimed at tracking unethical air cargo carriers transporting humanitarian aid and relief supplies to war zones while simultaneously smuggling arms and narcotics - at times, to the same conflict areas.

Panelists asserted that even in the face of severe government repression, the vibrancy of Iran’s blogosphere is offering the international community opportunities to develop citizen diplomacy and people-to-people connections with Iranians.

A new website was launched yesterday to bring together human rights advocates in an online network to share advice and best practice, and provide a one-stop-shop for information on international human rights treaties relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.