Amb. Arturo Sarukhan on Latin America and soft power.

President Xi Jinping proposed the cultural exchange year in 2014 when he attended the China-Latin America and the Caribbean Summit in Brasilia.

The Latin American region already identifies with India through its pop culture, so India needs to capitalise on this goodwill to deepen its diplomatic relations with the region. [...] Bollywood resonates in Latin America and helps promote feelings of goodwill to India, which can leverage it for its public diplomacy in the region.

Each year Maxim Holland, an artist, curator and the originator of Tambo Films [...] chooses a new destination for his mysterious HAWAPI events. These independent happenings take artists and other cultural players deep into remote Peru to create site-specific projects in “challenging locations” that have been adversely effected by social, political, or environmental issues, and to create new and vibrant works.

Can Michael Jackson resurrect an ancient language? - BBC Trending

How do you preserve an ancestral language while making it relevant for this generation? A teenager in Peru is using pop music to promote interest in Quechua.

Standing just a couple of blocks from the U.S. Capitol, a group of Peruvian highlanders hold a traditional blessing ceremony, performed since before Columbus discovered the New World and re-created at the national mall last Friday for the annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

Soup Weather [313/366] by Tim Sackton via Flickr Creative Commons

Few things bind people more immediately and indelibly than food. Take a look at our list of some of the most active and thoughtful gastrodiplomats around.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has visited Peru's National Museum of Archaeology with his Peruvian counterpart Pedro Cateriano. The two leaders also jointly opened an exhibition on the origins of Chinese civilization. Speaking from the museum, Li says both countries have made "contributions to human development" and there are "deep cultural roots" between China and Peru. "Agricultural civilizations in Peru and China made contributions to human development, and surely development between us will increase so that we can have an even brighter future.