refugee crisis

Denmark is treating the media fallout of its controversial asylum law “very seriously” as the government embarks on a public relations campaign to repair the damage, according to Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen.

Secretary of State John Kerry said Friday the U.S. would seek a significant boost in humanitarian aid for the global refugee crisis and would urge at least 10 more countries to offer resettlement programs.

The ten most notable PD moments from 2015.

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Immigrants from all parts of the world squat in tent camps around the city until authorities demolish them. Some count among the wave of asylum seekers who have poured into Europe over the past year. [...] Band picks over a section of La Rosée du Matin, or Morning Dew, the title track of Ziga’s new album about refugees.

The most recent cartoon on refugees by the French satirical magazine "Charlie Hebdo" is highly controversial. It depicts the drowned Aylan Kurdi as a sex offender - and many find this utterly tasteless.

Pope Francis has called on European leaders not to turn their back on refugees and migrants despite the cultural and security challenges associated with the arrival of 1 million people this past year.

PD News headlines looked back on the diplomatic fails and breakthroughs of 2016 thus far.