shanghai expo

The 2010 Shanghai World Expo opened on Friday night, attracting the attention of the world and international participation and earning heartfelt congratulations. Some 20 world leaders attended the opening ceremony and toured the Expo, including French President Nicolas Sarkozy and South Korean President Lee Myung Bak.

It is true that China’s hosting of the event, especially on the heels of the spectacular Summer Olympics two years ago, sends an unmistakable signal of the country’s return to global prominence. Nonetheless, the Expo is also a grand stage where, over the next six months, nearly 200 participant countries will be courting and engaging the Chinese public.

To characterize the Shanghai Expo as mainly China’s showcasing of its soft power misses an important point.

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso will lead a high-level EU delegation to China tomorrow (29 April) ahead the inauguration on Saturday of a pavilion showcasing the European Union at the Shanghai World Expo.

WORLD Expo 2010 Shanghai China is about to unfurl its wonders. Following the success of the Beijing Olympic Games, our nation will present the world with another successful, exciting and unforgettable event. This World Expo will be a golden opportunity for China to show itself to the world to the fullest extent and for the rest of the world to better understand China.

Plucked from its rock in Copenhagen harbour for the first time in 96 years, the bronze nude will sit in a pond at the centre of the Danish pavilion during the six-month run of the World Expo, which opens on Saturday.

The Ottawa-born Rowswell is famous throughout China as a comedian and television commentator and he’s one of Canada’s secret weapons in its bid to create a buzz at what is almost certainly the largest nation-branding event ever staged.

Many countries are willing to go that extra mile to impress the Chinese, but the Danes may have topped them all. On Sunday, Denmark unveiled its well-known statue of the Little Mermaid at the unofficial opening ceremony for its Shanghai Expo pavilion.