simon anholt

Nick Cull and Simon Anholt continue their discussion on the 2020 Nation Brands Index results. 

An introduction to Simon Anholt's virtual country designed to foster international collaboration.

Angry that only Americans can vote against Donald Trump? Bristling for a Brexit ballot though you’re not British? Now there’s a website that gives everyone worldwide the chance to cast their ballot. Global Vote is the brainchild of Simon Anholt, a U.K. independent policy adviser who has worked with leaders of more than 50 countries. The global vote is part of his Good Country movement, which aims to improve leadership for the good of humanity. 

Jami Fullerton shares her takeaways from a "ground-breaking" AEJMC symposium.

A protester holds Adbuster's American Corporate flag

The conclusion of Michael Ardaiolo's two-part blog on best public diplomacy practice.

This week the world of public diplomacy got a set of readings of similar significance.  They mean trouble for the USA.  The seismograph in the story is the Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brands Index.

San Andreas Fault in the Carrizo Plain

Nick Cull on why this year's NBI spells trouble for the U.S. - and the rest of the world.

Recent studies of nation brand image, however, suggest that changing geopolitical trends could weaken that image. Economic power is moving eastward and our diaspora history is of receding relevance, even in the US. There is also evidence that younger people around the world are less favourably disposed to us than older generations.