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CPD Research Fellow Shearon Roberts discusses a decolonial mindset for PD.

Kamala Harris by Gage Skidmore via Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0

CPD Research Fellow Shearon Roberts reveals the soft power effect of Black women in office.

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CPD Research Fellow Shearon Roberts reveals the global impact of Black women's work.

Frederick Douglass circa 1879,  National Archives and Records Administration, National Archives Identifier (NAID) 558770. Public domain.

CPD Research Fellow Shearon Roberts shares the diplomatic framework of Black U.S. political actors as the architects of global racial justice.

Youth in Des Moines, Iowa have more in common with students in Tunisia than they thought. In particular, a passion for social justice. While participating in Youth for Understanding’s (YFU) Virtual Exchange Initiative, a program that digitally connects students in different countries for moderated, in-depth discussion, a group of students in Iowa brought up the Black Lives Matter movement.

Indonesia has decided that its foreign policy in 2017 will focus on intensifying interactions with other countries to protect the nation`s interests, security, ideological objectives, and economic prosperity. To this end, the country continues to participate in implementing world order based on freedom, lasting peace, and social justice. Creating a peaceful world is also one of the national goals outlined in the Preamble of the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia.

PD News headlines explore the Olympics Games as a vehicle for public diplomacy. 

Judo cannot change the world, but it can help create the community, empathy and understanding needed to begin the process toward greater social justice and equality. So, when you are watching the Rio Olympics this month, be sure to cheer on Kayla Harrison, the only American to earn an Olympic gold medal in Judo. Afterward, check out your local dojo. It is truly never too late to learn more about yourself and your community.