Aylan Sand Sculpture

Di Wu explains how a photograph moved people to move their governments. 

A conference themed “Fight against the plundering of Syria’s cultural heritage” organised by the Norwegian Embassy to Bulgaria, was officially opened in the Bulgarian capital city Sofia on Wednesday. "Nowadays, more than ever, we need united and decisive measures to suspend what we call purposeful destruction of history, which we are currently witnessing,” the minister remarked.

When the Icelandic government announced it would accept 50 refugees, its citizens rallied, using a Facebook event page to volunteer their homes and pressure the government to grant more refugees asylum. On Sunday, award-winning author Bryndis Bjorgvinsdottir set up the pageSyria is Calling. The group aims to present Iceland's welfare minister Eygló Harðardóttir a list of volunteers willing to house Syrian refugees.

Syrian refugees in Istanbul

Turkey gives a great deal of foreign aid, but no one seems to notice...

A modest proposal for how Lebanon’s garbage could bring an end to the fiercest rivalry in the Middle East. What’s the connection between the garbage piling up on the streets of Lebanon and the war in Syria? The geopolitical rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

The center of al-Hashmi al-Shamali has brought more than 100 Syrian and Jordanian children together to perform Dickens’ literary masterpiece. 

U.S. Soldiers with the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Air Defense Artillery Regiment talk after a routine inspection of a Patriot missile battery at a Turkish military base in Gaziantep, Turkey. U.S. and NATO Patriot missile batteries and personnel deployed to Turkey in support of NATO's commitment to defending Turkey's security during a period of regional instability.

Senem Cevik offers PD advice for a troubled relationship.

This is the ninth edition of the GPI tables, which are released annually. Through studying the prevalence and impact of peace and violence around the world, the Institute hopes to bring about positive changes to help peace spread worldwide.