voice of america

Never.no announced that its Interactivity Suite (IS) is being used to incorporate social media into programming for Voice of America (VOA), the multimedia international broadcasting service funded by the U.S. government...— a critical component of VOA's strategy of audience engagement

In the war of ideas between freedom and authoritarianism, the Voice of America (VOA) broadcast program is losing to the voice of communist China – not because Beijing’s message is better but because its strategic vision and will to win surpass Washington’s.

Café DC , a new weekly TV interview show for Pakistan, premiers on Friday with a relaxed and personal look at some of the people making headlines in and around Washington.. the program gives newsmakers “plenty of opportunity to talk about the burning issues of the day.."

Though the corporate figures often come to stand as symbols for Western political and media imperialism, state‐sponsored media organisations exist as direct mouthpieces for that nation’s ideology. In official rhetoric this strategy is referred to as ‘public diplomacy’.

It is a message designed to entertain and to engage a particular audience: those without much knowledge of history and not particularly interested in current events but who can be easily reached by new media and easily counted in audience surveys.