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A comprehensive picture of U.S.-Georgia relations can only be provided if the public diplomacy component is not downplayed. Georgians listen to Louis Armstrong, read Ernest Hemingway and watch George Lukas movies. They like being taught by Peace Corps volunteers at schools to excel in American English skills. They praise the U.S' support to Georgia, which ranges from rebuilding education institutions and infrastructure to economic, trade, or defense cooperation. But is U.S.

Mariami Khatiashvili, public diplomacy scholar of St. Andrew university of Georgia and visiting professor at TSU, discusses the US' shifting public diplomacy strategy in Georgia.

Activities that help alumni of U.S. exchange programs build on their international experience strengthen U.S.-Georgia relations, writes Mariam Khatiashvili.

How U.S. jazz ambassadors harnessed the power of music to connect with the citizens of the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic.

What's in a name? Shared values and mutual understanding, despite being worlds apart.

Mariami Khatiashvili discusses the impact of one man's cultural bridge between the United States and Georgia.