In Review

A curated list of commentary by scholars and diplomats on the US' tarnished global image.

CPD highlights five significant books and articles on the connection between race relations and public diplomacy.

How did a small, dedicated team reach 70k viewers from 112 countries in 8 weeks? Learn from Jonathan Hollander, artistic director of NYC-based Battery Dance.

CPD's roundup of recent moments in music and technology connecting cultures and societies around the world.

CPD Senior Visiting Scholar Elizabeth McKay on her life as a diplomat, her favorite public diplomacy memories, and how she is a resource for USC students. 

Check out this exclusive video featuring U.S. city leaders on the topic of city diplomacy.

In 2019, public diplomacy scholars and practitioners explored city diplomacy, PD in the EU and Korea, public attitudes and more. 

December 17, 2019

Highlights from this year include digital diplomacy, cultural diplomacy, the future of American soft power and more.