City Diplomacy Year in Review – a Roundup of CPD Readings

Over the past 5 years, CPD and our community of public diplomacy experts have produced a substantial body of research and analysis on the role of subnational actors in global engagement. As we take a moment to reflect on our contributions to the field of city diplomacy, we share the notable pieces published in the past year by the CPD research network:

City Buildings

City Diplomacy: A Reset

By: Robert Banks
CPD Faculty Fellow Robert Banks moderates the latest city diplomacy roundtable and writes about this topic in the wake of the U.S. presidential election.

Police Car

Using City Diplomacy to Address Policing Reform and Racial Justice

By: Joel Day
CPD Research Fellow Joel Day encourages the use of city diplomacy in realizing police reform and racial justice.

City Buildings

City Diplomacy in the Shifting COVID-19 Era Landscape

By: Robert Banks
Robert Banks recaps a CPD-sponsored discussion with leading city officials on how COVID-19 continues to impact city diplomacy in the United States.

American Cube

5 Takeaways on City Diplomacy in the COVID-19 Crisis

By: Jay Wang and Sohaela Amiri
CPD Director Jay Wang and Sohaela Amiri highlight the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on city diplomacy as discussed during the first virtual City Diplomacy roundtable.

Book Cover

City Diplomacy Current Trends and Future Prospects

By: Sohaela Amiri and Efe Sevin
CPD Research Associate Sohaela Amiri and Efe Sevin's book presents theoretical and analytical approaches to the study of city diplomacy.

City Network

America’s Cities on the World Stage

By: Kyle Hutzler
Kyle Hutzler's CPD Perspectives examines how American cities are deepening their international engagement.