Gastrodiplomacy Warfare for Economic Branding

Noor Nirwandy and Ahmad Azran Awang's paper "Conceptualizing Public Diplomacy Social Convention Culinary: Engaging Gastro Diplomacy Warfare for Economic Branding" has recently been published in Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences. This paper discusses how a nation's food can be used to construct its global image and identity for economic benefits.

Using culinary art as a powerful communication tool to win the hearts and minds of foreign publics has always existed since the ancient times but as a subcategory of Public Diplomacy, it is becoming an escalating trend. This paper argues that Gastrodiplomacy can contribute to the development of countries’ economy by enhancing their nation branding efforts; it attempts to conceptualize the term “Public Diplomacy Social Convention Culinary” by drawing on examples of a number of countries that have used Public Diplomacy and Nation Branding campaigns through Tourism and Gastronomy.

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