Your Favorites: January Edition

The first roundup of the new year is here!

Check out some of your favorite features for this month:


6. On Pakistan, U.S. Speaks Loudly, Carries Small Stick

Writing from Islamabad, Rob Asghar comments on how the new U.S. policy toward Pakistan could drive it to closer ties with China.



5. Call for Papers: Emerging PD Trends & Nation Branding

An ICA pre-conference is now accepting submissions on a variety of public diplomacy topics.



4. As Terrorism Evolves: Book Talk with Philip Seib

On January 24, CPD hosted a discussion, moderated by Salpi Ghazarian, about Philip Seib's new book.



3. What Diplomats Can Learn from Journalists

As the media landscape continues to evolve, the U.S. State Department should consider adapting its public diplomacy strategy.



2. British Council on Evaluating Arts & Soft Power Programming

Learn how to measure the impact of soft power programming with Ian Thomas, Head of Evaluation for the British Council.



1. What Marketers Can Learn from Terrorists

In an event co-hosted by the Pacific Council on International Policy, Dr. Haroon Ullah talked about his new book in a discussion moderated by Karen North.

Photos (from top to bottom): Photo by sonatuks I CC0, Photo courtesy of Rob Asghar, Photo by Julius_Silver I CC0, Illustration courtesy of CPD, Photo by Jonut I CC BY 2.0, Photo by Alexas_Photos I CC0, Image courtesy of Dr. Haroon Ullah


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