Featuring a Japanese-Indian regional initiative and a German-African economic development program. 

The Pakistani ambassador to Germany, His Excellency Jauhar Saleem and his wife Zara Jauhar were accompanied by over forty other Foreign Service officials at the event, which aimed to propel Pakistani fashion and art onto the global scale. #BrandPAKISTAN was designed to stimulate interaction and synergies between local fashion and jewellery designers, musicians and artists and the international audience.

One nation directly affected by Marshall’s massive economic aid program is now examining a similar program for many nations across the African continent. Germany, one of the world’s wealthiest and most industrialized nations, is considering a plan to address the massive influx of migrants coming into the country in search of economic opportunity. 

Overcoming barriers is part of every immigrant's struggle. African women living in Germany have been sharing their experiences in a meeting intended to boost morale and better equip them to deal with life here. [...] The gathering was the brainchild of Sierra Leonean Sarah Bomkapre Kamara, a co-founder of Moving Women Empowerment. Kamara, a PhD student in Munich, brought the women together to discuss issues which are particularly common among African women.

Brexit finally gets underway this week. So now is the time for the United Kingdom to make equal haste with rejuvenating its diplomatic and trade ties in the world, beginning with Turkey. For years the potential of the UK’s ties with Turkey has been smothered by the sweaty, asphyxiating blanket of the EU’s accession talks with Ankara. No one in their right mind, on either side of the Bosphorus, believed in earnest that Turkey would join the EU in their lifetime. ​

Inspired by innovative and forward-looking concepts, the Global Festival of Ideas for Sustainable Development, the first in a series of annual forums to help achieve the United Nations-led Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) wrapped up in the German city of Bonn after intensive debates and 'game playing' on March 3. The UN conference aiming to chart a new way of thinking on addressing some of the world’s most complex development challenges was hosted by the UN SDG Action Campaign in partnership with the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) with the support of the German Government.

Trump's US presidency is putting American-Mexican relations in the international spotlight. It is therefore particularly important for countries like Germany to show their solidarity with Mexicans, and that can happen through culture, because we're all dependent on mobility, globalization and exchange.

The North Rhine-Westphalia Economic Development Agency (NRW) will visit Israel next month in order to take part in the annual Axis Tel Aviv conference, where investors, funds, and leading global companies can meet directly with Israeli startups and entrepreneurs. The NRW representatives' goal is obvious: to encourage Israeli entrepreneurs to add Dusseldorf, Cologne, Dortmund, and Essen to their list of markets.