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Re-Framing & Re-Imagining the American Brand Abroad

Let me say at the outset, I am proud to be an American. I believe that with my citizenship comes a responsibility to be engaged and pay attention not just to what is happening domestically but also to what is happening in the world. In addition to being a proud American, I also see myself as a citizen of the world. So much of America is interconnected with the world and much of what we do here in the U.S. – from who we elect, to the goods and services we buy, to the media we consume – touches millions of lives around the globe.

The Madam Wears Pant Suits

Summertime is always an excellent time to reflect, recharge and catch up on the books you’ve been meaning to read for longer than you can remember. My reading list this summer is longer than in years past due to the sheer volume of new work critical to those in the global engagement, corporate diplomacy and public diplomacy spheres. It could be that this is due to a pervasive feeling of discontent and urgency – where ideas are formed, issues collide, and independent action has a new meaning and consequence for peoples around the globe.

In reading through various reports from Davos last week, I couldn’t help but wonder with all that power amassed – over 4500 attendees to include hundreds of heads of state and CEOs – and all the current crises compounding on the world’s stage, might something different result. Would there be any fresh thinking or radical action to come of such a gathering at such an auspicious time in world history.

Water, Women, Entrepreneurs, Emerging Markets - Four Key Global Corporate Diplomacy Trends for 2011-2012

In honor of Mother’s Day and in preparation for a speech I’m due to give to the International Women’s Festival in Accra, Ghana this week I’ve been researching the impact and role of Mothers on societies globally. The ancient Chinese proverb and title of Nick Kristof’s groundbreaking book, “Women Hold up Half the Sky” which inspired me to become more involved in women’s issues.