Professor Andrew F. Cooper joins the USC Center on Public Diplomacy as its 2009 Canada-U.S. Fulbright Visiting Research Chair.

 Deirdre Kline - Middle East Broadcasting Networks (U.S. government source)

CPD releases An Evaluation of Alhurra Television Programming, a multi-method evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of Alhurra's news broadcasting to the Middle East.

Upcoming Symposium on the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 in Washington, D.C.

In collaboration with Queens University of Charlotte, this project involves audience and organizational analysis to evaluate the conciliatory potential of Al-Jazeera English (AJE). Click here to read the final report.

Co-edited by CPD Senior Fellows Nancy Snow and Philip M. Taylor , The Routledge Handbook of Public Diplomacy provides a comprehensive overview of public diplomacy and national image and perception management.

CPD Visiting Professor Eytan Gilboa authored a piece on "Diplomacy in the Era of Information" published in a new Polish book on public diplomacy titled Dyplomacja publiczna.

CPD Fellow, Jill Schuker gives a testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs on "A Reliance on Smart Power - Reforming the Public Diplomacy Bureaucracy".

CPD Blogger and recent MPD graduate, Matt Armstrong, and CPD Senior Fellow, John Brown, participate in a roundtable conference with Under Secretary of State For Public Diplomacy And Public Affairs, James K. Glassman.