CPD Director Philip Seib participated in the 51st International Studies Association (ISA) Annual Convention in New Orleans, La. Feb. 17-20.

CPD Director Philip Seib participated in the 2010 U.S.-Islamic World Forum, themed “Writing the Next Chapter,” scheduled for Feb. 13-15 in Doha.

PDiN Monitor, an electronic review, joined a growing list of CPD publications in January. PDiN Monitor highlights significant public diplomacy news aggregated by the Center's PDiN Research team over the past month as well as original analysis.

CPD's conference on "Science Diplomacy and the Prevention of Conflict" brings together scholars, scientists, and policy makers to USC on February 4-5, 2010.

PD magazine has a new look and a new issue. Click here to read the newly-published Winter 2010 issue, "Cultural Diplomacy," and follow this link to explore the re-designed Web site, complete with a blog and updated resource links.

CPD University Fellow Rob Asghar's new book: Lessons From the Holy Wars: A Pakistani-American Odyssey," is now available from Wheatmark Book Publishers and other outlets.

In the first CPD Perspectives paper of the year, Andrew Wulf examines the American cultural exhibition held in Moscow during the summer of 1959, and the lessons contemporary diplomats can learn from this use of soft power.

On December 15, CPD Director Philip Seib met with National Security Council staff at the White House about the administration's approach to public diplomacy.