CPD Director Philip Seib joins a "Media and Politics" panel and moderates another at the Arab-U.S. Association for Communication Educators (AUSACE) International Conference in Cairo Nov. 7-10.

November 3, 2009

In addition to audio recordings on the website, the Center is expanding its new media offerings to include podcasts of CPD speeches and events. To visit the Center's iTunes station, follow the link.

The National Science Foundation has awarded a two-year grant to USC for support of a project on "Engaging Intensely Adversarial States: The Strategic Limits and Potential of Public Diplomacy in U.S. National Security Policy."

The USC Center on Public Diplomacy is hiring students to assist with two recently launched research projects on Russian and U.S. Public Diplomacy.

On October 20, 2009, Ambassador Claudia Fritsche visited CPD to discuss the role of Liechtenstein in today's changing global financial order. The session was attended by graduate students and faculty of the Master of Public Diplomacy program. A full text transcript of her remarks is available.

The Center on Public Diplomacy would like to call your attention to a recent exchange about U.S. public diplomacy sparked by an article published on "Enabling Public Diplomacy Field Officers to Do their Jobs".

On October 8, CPD 2009 Research Fellow Daryl Copeland joined CPD for a book talk on his recent publication, Guerrilla Diplomacy: Rethinking International Diplomacy. An audio recording of the discussion with Copeland is now available. To listen, follow this link.