In Review

Research projects on Chinese perceptions of Australians, recent shifts in Australian and G20 PD as well as collaborations with other universities and the Australian government.


A celebration of July's finest blogs.

R.S. Zaharna, Photo property of CPD

Encouraging emerging PD scholars, contributing to the CPD Blog, and research for a book on public diplomacy and identity. 


Jump in to the first blog roundup of the summer!

"Ochsenfurt 1930er Umzug Kinder"

The best of May's public diplomacy blogs.

May 19, 2015

CPD's 2014 annual review explores the growth of public diplomacy over the past year

Spring sunlight

A look back at April's finest. 

Almond tree flowers. Parque Quinta de los Molinos (Madrid)

Spring is here, and so is the March blog roundup!