April Blog Roundup: The Top 5

April showers might bring May flowers, but April's top five blogs from the CPD Blog are more than just rainy day reads.

5) Israeli, Yemeni, and Funky: The Musical Diplomacy of A-WA by Jennifer Yael Green. On the musical diplomacy of Israeli band A-WA. 

4) The Plus ça Change… by Emily Metzgar. Looking at the past and present of U.S. international broadcasting. 

3) Have MFAs Realized Digital Diplomacy Potential? by Ilan Manor. It's time to evaluate how much diplomacy has gone digital.

2) NATO’s Public Diplomacy in the Grey Zone of Conflict by Stéfanie von Hlatky. PD's role in the grey area between war and peace.

1) Does Diplomacy (Still) Matter? by Corneliu Bjola. What is the value of contemporary diplomacy?

Photos from top to bottom:

Photo by oatsy40 | CC by-SA 2.0Photos by Colin Young-WolffPhoto is public domain, Photo by U.S. Mission Geneva I CC 2.0, Photo by U.S. Army Europe I CC 2.0, Photo by Amanda Lucidon I CC 2.0


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