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New Book: Cultural Awareness in the Military

Robert Albro, Assistant Professor at American University, and Bill Ivey, Principal in Global Cultural Strategies, have just edited a book titled Cultural Awareness in the Military (November: Palgrave Macmillan) which discusses the developments and implications for future humanitarian cooperation that involve military forces.

About the book:
Militaries around the world are increasingly tasked with complex humanitarian missions that extend beyond their traditional role. Such missions include development, diplomacy, stability, and peacekeeping operations, and often entail long-term engagements with civilian populations in conflict or disaster zones. This edited volume offers a snapshot of both the successes and challenges of the U.S. military's ongoing efforts to enhance its cultural expertise, and provides short and accessible descriptions, with analysis, of the different ways in which this turn to culture has been recently expressed. It provides a landscape of these important but little-understood developments for military colleagues, civilian counterparts from other federal agencies, and non-governmental organizations with whom the U.S. military increasingly collaborates. The book is also intended to orient non-military humanitarian professionals and students to what is currently happening in this rapidly changing environment.

The book is available for purchase, here.

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