New Release: Arab Spring Media Monitor Report

The Arab Spring is the topic of the USC Center on Public Diplomacy’s latest Media Monitor report. The report looks at the unprecedented revolution in four key nations – Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and Libya – and considers the wide-ranging implications for public diplomacy.

This CPD Media Monitor analyzes in particular the roles of broadcast and social media in reporting the uprisings, giving a voice to ordinary Arabs while lifting the lid on the deception perpetuated by the region’s notoriously state-run media.

Capturing the world’s attention for over a year now, the Arab Spring also drew attention to the challenges faced by Western public diplomacy. This report examines how the revolution has shaped the approach of the U.S. and Europe in engaging the Arab world, a region still embroiled in turmoil and instability, with true democracy yet to be achieved. Focusing on public diplomacy news from Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain and Syria, it is written by three current Master of Public Diplomacy candidates, Rachel Chan , Molly Krasnodebska, Alex Laverty and one graduate, Maya Babla.

Click here to view the report in its entirety.

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