Pride, Prejudice and Public Opinion

Headlines this week in public diplomacy news showcased the role that public opinion can play in international politics. While some nations harnessed the power of free speech and public opinion to both change the discourse of and the relationship between cultures, communities and countries, other nations continued to stifle, strain and even undermine diplomatic relations. A Macedonian-born Roma created a TV program to “show the culture and traditions of his people, breaking down prejudices and promoting the true face of the Romas;" and Iran granted a reporter from a Jewish pro-Israel publication the first visa since the 1979 revolution. Meanwhile, India made plans to “celebrate the 50th anniversary of its ‘victory’ over Pakistan in the 1965 war” and Russia is seemingly throwing “sand into the eyes and into the gears of the international system.” 

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Photo by Paul Kohler via Flickr Creative Commons


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