Immigrant workers in Oxnard California. Photo by Alex Proimos via Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0).

Mexican diplomat Rodrigo Márquez Lartigue describes a U.S.-Mexico initiative via the Mexican consular network.

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Photo by Neal Rosendorf (Ciudad Juárez, Mexico)

What might dismantling the U.S.-Mexico border wall symbolize for America? Neal Rosendorf looks to the future with lessons from the past.

Image by mohamed_hassan via

What does it look like to open the door of financial inclusion to U.S. migrants and immigrants? Mexican diplomat Rodrigo Márquez Lartigue describes a new ID card system.

June 8, 2019

As a nation of immigrants, the United States should use its diverse ancestral heritage as a public diplomacy tool.

What are the public diplomacy implications in today's U.S.-Mexico relationship? Find out more from leading scholars at this invitation only webinar on November 15th.

Mexican Foreign Service Diplomat Felipe Carrera explains how Cirque Du Soleil's Luzia helps foster understanding of Mexican culture.