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“We have been doing well on the development front,” the official, Zhao Qizheng, former head of the State Council Information Office, was quoted by China Daily as saying. “Now we need to talk better, to make our messages clearer to the world.”

The "National Industrial Image," which consists of one country's exporting companies, exporting commodities, their qualities and after-sales services, should never be neglected in the name of chasing the "National Image."

CPD Director Philip Seib and Nicholas Cull, CPD University Fellow and Director of USC Master of Public Diplomacy program, were quoted discussing Israel’s need to project a more cooperative image in future public diplomacy efforts.

Co-author: Martin Wahlisch

Three Years into Kosovo’s Independence: Further recognitions will be crucial for the country’s development

Over the last century or so, Israelis have worked to make Israel a part of the Middle East. Israeli sabras (native born Israelis) with their argumentative attitudes; take no prisoners mentality; love for hummus, falafel and “Israeli” salad; tan skin; the yalla (let’s go) and no-translation needed ‘tseh (tongue hiss) live up to the Middle Eastern stereotypes and fit in with regional commonalities.

There seems to be a consensus that Hollywood has a huge impact on America’s image around the world. There just doesn’t seem to be any consensus on what to do about that.

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