national image

India’s image has transformed drastically in the last decade from an aid recipient nation to a global power, experts say. The shift in this image is not merely a result of economic growth figures alone — it has resulted from a carefully managed “image campaign” that the Indian government has invested in.

There is enough research in the nation branding world to demonstrate that a country's image and reputation depends on part to its openess to others...The government is blaming the weather for recent long waits at border contro. But with a recruitment freeze in place, what effect are the cuts having?l

Brand India is the name of the organisation that since the late 1990's has been tasked with convincing international corporations and heads of state that they should invest in new, modern India. In return for their investment, they get, among other things, access to cheap, well-educated labour.

“Somalia is a bizarre world where in their communities piracy can be accepted as just a job, an acceptable profession, to a degree. The pirates are just trying to survive because there is simply no economy or industry there."

Simoyan’s major preoccupation is stating how Nigeria and her citizenry can harness her potential greatness, which has essentially been unexplored. For the successfully positioning the country in the League of Nations, according to her, it would require a major long-term commitment by Nigerians and the government."

April 17, 2012

The key to sustaining a positive and competitive global brand may be to convince a sceptical world that Pakistan has abandoned the use of terrorism as a national security and foreign policy tool. The negative global perception will not change overnight, but the perception that the nation is at peace with itself and the rest of world will help.

But overall, Tanzania has a poor image for starting a business, obtaining permits for construction, registering properties, payment of taxes and dealing with bankruptcy issues. Branding Tanzania should address these shortcomings and improve them.

Australia’s advantages as the place for high quality education for Asians include being native speakers of the only pan-Asian language (English), and being acceptable to almost every country as a partner (or place to visit or study). Policy should build on these advantages to maintain a key place in the coming Asian mosaic.