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After a month of football in a country where the sport is regarded a religion, we look at how the World Cup has affected the volatile political situation in Brazil and what will happen now that the tournament has come to an end.

Brazil World Cup

How Brazil is using the World Cup to achieve nation branding and diplomatic objectives.

Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf said on Tuesday that present Government of Pakistan People’s Party is determined to take every possible step to promote and project the culture of Pakistan not only at home but also abroad because we understand that culture is a tool which can be used for creating a soft image of the nation.

November 9, 2012

A case study on Israeli citizen diplomacy. 

What can branding in the commercial sector teach us about nation-state image communication?

When China embraced the world with its opening-up policy and extraordinary economic growth, the Awakening Dragon had embarked on a golden journey to transform itself, from being labor-intensive to being knowledge-intensive, from rising dependently on the growth of hard power to a full-blown renaissance of soft power, from the crude, cut-price "Made in China" to an imaginably refined, top-notch "Created in China".

We spend a lot of time looking at country rankings--everything from the best places in the world to be a woman to the worst countries for food security. These realities on the ground all feed into overall perception--or branding--of countries. If perception is favorable, that can translate into investments as well as commercial and economic development. And that, if done right, can lead to better lives for all citizens.