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Image of Nick Cull (left) and Eytan Gilboa (right), photo courtesy of Eytan Gilboa

International Studies Association's 2023 Distinguished Scholar Awards for the two PD scholars are long overdue.

A maze with the word problem by alexskopje via Canva

Public diplomacy needs to expand its vision and tools to tackle the wicked problems facing humanity and the planet.

Image of global network by kjpargeter via

Amid global "wicked problems," CPD Faculty Fellow R.S. Zaharna poses a timely question to the PD community.

CPD Faculty Fellow R.S. Zaharna on Senator Richard Lugar's PD legacy. 

Donald Trump, by Gage Skidmore

What can public diplomacy learn from Trump's playbook?

Air Traffic Controller, by Alfred Cunningham

Moving from ideology to identity may be the key to CVE.

Mirror, Mirror (Explored)

R.S. Zaharna reflects on CPD's Top 10 PD Moments in 2015.

AU Professor, R.S. Zaharna compares JFK's and Obama's peace speeches.