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Sights From Expo Milan 2015

Jul 14, 2015


Photo reprinted courtesy César Corona

The Tree of Life is the symbol of Expo Milan 2015. The 120-foot-tall tree (above) takes its design from Rome's Piazza del Campidoglio. Past World Expo symbols which became enduring icons include the Eiffel Tower (Paris, 1889), the Atomium (Belgium, 1958), the Space Needle (Seattle, 1962), and the Oriental Crown (Shanghai, 2010).

Photo reprinted courtesy César CoronaCountries arrived at Expo Milan 2015 with their best ideas for the theme "Feeding the Planet: Energy for Life." The UK Pavilion seen above uses science and technology in a multi-sensorial experience that highlights the importance of bees in feeding the world.

Photo reprinted courtesy César Corona

Planners of Expo Milan 2015 expect over 20 million visitors between May 1 and October 31, 2015. Tens of thousands of visitors gather every day at the Cardo and Decumano (pictured above), the main streets of the Expo site, where most international pavilions are located.

This photo essay is a part of CPD's eight-week special series, "Branding Nations at the Milan Expo." For related coverage, see:


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