Businesswoman, diplomat and educator Marie Royce brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to CPD.

Join us in welcoming MPD student Carter Rice who will track and research key PD activities related to the Tokyo Olympics, Japan, Southeast Asia and more.

This University of Piraeus scholar joins CPD to work on the vital role of PD in the evolving international relations of the Eastern Mediterranean region.

Ecosystem image by TheDigitalArtist via Pixabay

CPD Research Fellow Ian Thomas outlines an integrated, long-term evaluation toolbox for soft power & PD activities.

The prize will recognize programs and practices that create innovative solutions to vital challenges in contemporary public diplomacy.

The Korean Association for Public Diplomacy has launched the Journal of Public Diplomacy (JPD), an international journal devoted to public diplomacy scholarship and practice.

JPD was established to attend to a two-fold objective:

First, it aims to offer a dedicated space for theoretical and empirical research on public diplomacy to contribute to the grafting of this domain to the mainstream discipline of international relations.

CPD Research Fellow Jennifer Hubbert applies an anthropological lens to the research of urban paradiplomacy.

Meet our three newest Fellows who will conduct original research in the areas of sport-tech diplomacy, symbolic politics for peace, and the role of city diplomacy in advancing Black racial solidarity.