black lives matter

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CPD Research Fellow Shearon Roberts reveals the global impact of Black women's work.

Joel Day discusses how city diplomacy might be used to address issues of policing reform and racial justice

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Read and respond to four questions posed by CPD Research Associate Sohaela Amiri to the PD community about this domestic crisis.

15/365 Black Lives Matter, by Dorret

Artists from Busta Rhymes to Residente are taking inspiration from the musical phenomenon to continue a global conversation on what America represents.

Iran has been hosting an annual “New Horizons conference,” which it established to address emerging global concerns [...] as a means to create “a relationship based on culture, diplomacy and revolution.”

From Black Lives Matter to LGBTQ discourse and the 2011 Arab Spring, this new article explores the use of social media in global advocacy campaigns, 

Hashtags around race like #icantbreathe #Blacklivesmatter found their way into many feeds, pushed themselves into wider view, and forced a reckoning. [...] African-American struggles have inspired and tactically informed anti-caste activism. But could Dalit-Bahujan Twitter exert a similar force, in India?